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What people are saying about the book

"If he's not famous,
I don't want to talk to him."

Howard Stern,
            talk-show host

Howard Stern

I did run across a publishing agent in London who actually gave me some advice on my book.
He said that I shouldn't have this portion
(What people are saying about the book )in my book.

I said, "Shoot, I had two guys laughing at it last night."

         He said he couldn't sell my book over there because it was too American.

          I said, "Gee, I thought it was anti-American."

          Then he said, "And you have too many chapters."

              Well, with the whole too many chapters kinna thing….  Every time I've rewrote the book, I've added chapters to it. And I've tried you cut back on the chapters before, but they kinna feel like kids to me and it hurts every time I try to take one away.

Now for the sake of the publishing industry I’m supposed to take away something that I've created. No not here folks. 

As for the "What people are saying about the book."

It was a list of celebrities, in the most part. Its a list of celebrities and people who I can say got a copy of my book in one way or another. The comments were both fictional and true. I had a notice at the end of the list stating that some were fictional. However, after you look over the list, this time I have a short explanation for many of the so-called quotes

What people are saying about the book:

It's conversational. You need to tell someone who can help."
           -- Al, copy-editor, Santa Barbara Press

"No comment."
                         --Bill Morrow, US Senator
                           38th District, Carlsbad CA

"Please don't use my name in your book."      
                      --Name withheld, Congressman
                      49th district, Vista, CA

"I can't say anything – I work in the media. I can only cover what they tell me to cover"         
                   --Kaley O'Malley, news reporter
                    KEYT, ABC News, Santa Barbara, CA

"You say we have Sunnyside and his truck on tape? I don't know what you're talking about. You say we're bought off? I don't know what you mean."
                   -- Kelly Freeman, assignment editor
                    KEYT,ABC News, Santa Barbara, CA

"He could write a whole book about his childhood."

                --Ken Heidrick, contractor
                    Half Moon Bay, CA

"I had a hard time putting it down. It's very interesting."
                    --Tom Clements, engineer
                        Half Moon Bay, CA   

"I can't return all the calls."
                 --Mike Turko, Consumer Affair reporter
                    KUSI News, Ch 9 San Diego

"It's good – I bought two editions. The stupid rules are cool."
                        --Linus Tremains
                           Aptos, CA

"It does a fine job of propping up my desk."
                        --Mel Burger, talent agent
                           William Morris, Beverly Hills

"I decide on what news I report, but this story – I don't know."
                --Catherne Remak, radio talk-show host
                   AM 990, Santa Barbara, CA

"Oh, I love it when people give me things like this."
  --Randy Cunningham,
50th District, Escondido, CA

Randy Cunningham

"Yes, I am worried about my daughter bringing home a moron."
                        --Heather Myers, news reporter
                           Local Ch. 8 TV, San Diego

"Oh, I love it when people leave me things like this."
                     --Randy Cunningham, Congressman
50th District, Escondido, CA

"It's a man's book -- since I'm a pansy -- I'm not qualified to say."
                            -- John Fredericks KVBC
                                 NBC News, Las Vegas

"No comment."
      --Dennis Hollingsworth, Senator
                           36th District, Temecula CA

"The guy is quit a character, but he's crazy. Would I lie to you?"
   --William Jefferson Clinton

* some of the quotes are fictitious

I had a notice at the end of the list stating that some of the quotes were fictitious, but they were actually true for the most part. The comments are fun as they are so this time around I'm going to explain the story behind the making of the fictional. Just read and you'll get where I'm coming from. It's shit that I wouldn't want to put in my book but if any one is interested

Though I can only say I got two copies of the first 168 page edition to Howard Stern though the lemmo driver he uses in LA. I gave his drive one for himself so the one for Howard might actually make it to him.
            But the comment I used for Howard was a direct quote from him. He said it on his talks show when someone wanted him to met someone else they knew.

I met Ralf Nader at one of his book signings in Santa Barbara. The signing was held at a local book store.
        I waited until the end to present him with a box containing three of my books. As I showed him my books and spoke a little about them, he looked at the box as if it cantained a poisonous substances.       
       I could see why he wouldn't want to say anything about me, because I'm sure he was quite happy a lady from the local TV station and a journalist with a camera showed up.
       You won't find any of his books at the Barns and Noble, or Borders.
       The way I looked at it was that Ralf Nader was a good source to have carry my books to New York, without the use of the US Post office.

The one with Marta Kauffman was half mine and half her's. She did say, "The advertisers hold the purse," at the writer's convention in Santa Barbara. Writers there gave her so many books, she had to carry them in a bag. I'm happy to say that my book put a smile on her face and she kept mine under her arm.

And for the Name withheld congressman, I got about a thousand words out of that day. It felt as if I was Mel Gibson; going in there and shooting up the fish tank. He sent his thug out and the only concern was that I wouldn't use his name in mybook.

Like hell, he'd be lucky if I even spelled it right.

Mel Burger, I got my book to him twice in the effort to get it to Frank Durabont.
            Once in their own envelope and directly from their mail room at William Morris. Before I left the country, I got one into Frank Durabunt's office, I got it back in the mail later. Gee, he even paid for the postage.

Heather Myers did say she was worried about her daughter bringing home a moron.

Heather Myers news reporter

When I stopped by the office of Randy Cunningham, to give him a Lousy Book, of course he was not in but his assistants were there and the two of them mention that randy really like it when people gave him stuff. (I gave his boys a "What happened," booklet so they would know what kind of a guy they work for.)

This guy John Fredericksin Vegas, with his dog wearing an American scarf around his neck. His only concern was that I had to move my truck from where it was parked. Boy, what a dick head

The list goes on and on. In Burning Down the House you'll find stories that surround the times I delivered the book these special people.

The list of none response from politicians runs so deep, I don't have the imagination to come up with quotes for them all, so I'll just give you a list. Maybe you could give them a call and ask what they thought of it

The latest person of being in the business in one way or another happens to be a photographer who works for the LA Times. He'd lost about $500 worth of compact flash cards, and I thought I'd see if the could get any kind of coverage of me. Of course he thanked me for being honest.

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Ralph Nader

"Don't tell anyone I've read any of this material, I need to sell my own books."
                              -- Ralf Nader


Marta Kauffman

"I don't know what I can say -- advertisers hold the purse."
                 -- Marta Kauffman
     Co-creator of sitcom, "Friends"

Marta Kauffman and friends

More to the list:

Kris Van Cleave --reporter of Fox  News
Cell 858-337-5571


I'm going to put together a list of celebrities who I've either e-mailed or invited to visit MyStupidRules:

I've logged on to:
Tyra Banks Show

I've hit both Jay Leno's  web-sites

Oh, Sylvia Brown the Psycic through the Montel Willians web-site. The funny thing about his site is that it resembles questions for people that you would think would appear on Jerry Springer's show.

news reporter Heather Myers
 "Yes, I am worried about my daughter bringing home a moron
--Heather Myers

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Yetta Gibson was one of the last people to get one of the Tightwad editions.
She was clueless as to who I was.



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