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February 23, 2015:
Since I've been spending some time down at the court house, I've taken advantage of the PDF reader in my phone to check out how the soon to post chapters of my book a little bit.
       For the most part it was alright, -some parts were out of place and I'll do a little work on them before posting.
       But the thing that concerns me is some of it is just a bit too weird.
       When you have to self edit, it's difficult to decide which is none sence and what stuff has to stay because in most of the worst segments, their is something important for people to know about.
       For me, I don't know where to draw the line and I think I'm going to have to settle on the fact that what I am reading is the journal entries written by a guy who is defiantly going through some shit and all he is doing is letting anyone who ends up reading the material, to know what he is having to deal with.
       It really meant to be a good read because the difficult part about those parts of the book is that it wasn't a book to begin with, and it is something you just have to except and get through the rough parts.
       The whole fell of it in places feels a bit immature, but them look at how many years ago it was written, almost two decades ago.
       I wonder what percentage of my readers were not even born when I began writing the Lousy Book.

February 19th, 2012:
I realized that if I only released one chapter per week, I would take over two years before people would actually read the whole thing. Therefore I'm got to start posting the chapters as according to the size they are. There will be weeks when as many as three of the shorter chapters will be posted, but at the same time, the next chapter Give Me Lights will receive the most of a week before the next will be posted.

January 28th, 2012:
Going back

Now that many of you have been hitting my book excerpts, the jig is pretty much up. Some of you have figured out that I'm in the process of changing the full length edition of my book back to its original name. It was apparent to me the day I saw just how many other books that are out the with the name that deservers only to be a chapter in mine anymore. Also it makes me happy to be able to say that no book publisher has ever been able to make a red cent off Sunnyside's Lousy Book.

The condensed version will still be available, just as the chapters will be labled as so.

January 14th, 2012:
More book excerpts on the way.

I've been hearing that people want to see more book excerpts. That just goes to show me that I was right when I figure out that the true readers, will want more. It also shows me how corrupt Amazon is.

So today and the next few, I'm going to start posting more chapters to I figure I've got a little more then a year to make sure that everything is out there.
New to site today:

  Yeah, I do have a past   
including--  As far as my Family Tree goes   

July 1st, 2011
New to the book excerpts is
Funny Water, on how I figured out that the city of Tacoma Washington bribed my friend into putting drugs into my water
   Also new is
One of those Games. The story about how I proved that a co-worker got bought.

  Oh yeah, I don't think I ever mentioned who I'd like to see play me in a movie; because that could aggravate another possible candidate. However, I've been hearing the name of the very same one I'd like to see play me the most. Which is very cool because I realize now that my book isn't going to bring in any money like a movie deal would bring.
      Therefore, the thought of doing the opposite of what most writers do: putting the best parts out there as there free samples. I wanted to save the best parts for the people who bought the book. But if I can't sell the book through any other source than myself on the street. I think those good parts should be available for all those Hollywood folks to see.
    I want them to get a taste of more than just what we have going down here on the Central Coast.
Bottom line is that my readers at are in for a treat.

Just added one of the best,
Malibu goes to the funny farm, one of the most interesting chapters where you will find out - just how UCLA treats our inventors here in the U S of A.

June 4th, 2011
I'm in the process of changing the way to find book excerpts. You will find them by hovering over the chapter titles listed in the table of contents on the book's main web-page. I'm starting on my main book first and then work over to the others.

May 15th, 2011:
     After the realization that both Amazon and Paypal are ditching me, I realize that I'm not likely going to see any profits from my book no mater where I go with it.
     Lets face it, my book isn't going to be read by the masses if the distributors don't even distribute it.
     As a result of this situation, I'm going to start featuring a weekly book excerpt of the week.
     The weekly feature will be book excerpts that have never been posted before and will only be posted for short term of about a week or two and then be removed and replace by another.
    This weekly posting will allow those of you who can't get a book from Amazon the opportunity to read the better excerpts that have not been posted before..

May 7th, 2011:
     And there is this I'd like to mention.
I had a Paypal account to set up - what six years ago - when I first set up this web-site. I figure the first couple years I had about 70-100,000 visitors per year, and over the years I'd done about a half a million visitors. But up until, last year when I just pulled the links to Paypal all together, Paypal only took in credit for one $25.oo book, meaning it was suppose to be an order from an individual overseas. The thing that throws me is the fact that Paypal didn't state where the money came from, nor where to send the book.
Never saw any of the money in my bank account either.
      Now we have this Amazon account I had set up on the 4th of January 2011. For $9,99 per digital book.
  Three days later, it stated I'd sold one book.
   Then a couple months later, Amazon sold one more book.
   Well a couple weeks ago, I drop the price to 4.99 and after a week later, not even one had sold so I went ahead and drop it to the bottom of where the royalty rate is still there, to $2.99.
   Folks, this is a book I can peddle one the streets at the rate of about a half a dozen books per month, if I'm living anywhere but here.
    I haven't added up the stats yet for the past year, however six months ago, I predicted at the current rate, I was a year of about 250,00 to 300,000 annual visitor range. So it's pretty safe to say that I've have over a million visitors and I haven't seen any of the money from the three books I've sold.
    I wonder if I can write the loss of the three books off my taxes.

April 24, 2011:
I put together a web-site I'm fairly proud of. In the past couple days I put together __ web-pages for my new site. This one is far better for SEO optimization than any of mine before. it should perform well for the search engines.

If you want to take a peek at my latest website, while it's still under construction,
Stop By


January 4, 2011: I'm happy to announce that

February 22nd, 2011
I spent the weekend typesetting and running the printer to put together a few books. I have to admit the newer spell check sure made the editing that much better. By making the book 9.5 inch by 6.25 I saved about 100 pages a few trees and instead of 2 inch binding, I'll be using 1.5 binding. Being thinner also means it's a little lighter than before. Anyhow it's at 520 pages now and it can possibly grow to 560 and still fit in the 1.5 in. binding. It's at 284,000 words.

I have to say, it's an interesting read because it felt different this time around. There were times my own immaturity was letting them get the best of me. Boy I sure learned hard and as fast as I could. I myself like many of you ,just couldn't even imagine that people would go out of their way to perform so many tactics.

They say that history can repeat itself, one thing I've always felt reluctant to agree with, but it sort of seems like history is repeating right here in Morro Bay. Like gee, why didn't any of these fools read and get their hand on my stuff before they even went up against me.
Shit, I've been here and done this before. I'm going to hop on that elevator this time. I ain’t going to chicken out. 

I'm having to change the odds of whether Martin tampered with the video, or was it within the local government? I'm beginning to think 50/50 now days because I think I've just had the switch ah rue happen again with my court dates.

I happen to think the Judge and his buddies were clueless of these guys scheming to put me away for three years. Now that things backfired, they delayed the court date so they would have time to dig up some dirt on me. But you can bet they will run into a  road block of the federal kind, if you know what I mean?.

I also heard some other things and I don't exactly know how to do such editing myself, so why would I think a meathead would even know how to do such handy work.

Now that this has all happened, I'm considering on changing the name of my book, to it's original name.

I can assume, Amazon has to worry about where they get their books from.
Probably from the folks who think it is their will to publish my book or not, if you know what I mean?
Everyone must have a price.

Sept. 29th 2009: I'm taking a little risk here by adding more book excerpts that I originally posted at Some of the content from my book Sunnyside was a little rough in places because it was more or less a work in progress.

It was hard to decide which to leave and which to take because some of the excerpts ended up being used as current event postings and therefore are not actually good examples of book quality literature.

The book excerpt titled Health and Environment is one of those I can not longer call a book excerpt because of the addition material added to it once it became a part of, therefore it will stay there ;as its own column. (Same goes for Going to the Movies and the Stuff they Put on TV)

The reason for bringing over many of the book excerpts that were originally not featured here at this site is the elimination duplicated web-content throughout my web-sites.>

You may notice that some of the new content featured here isn't exactly the happy go lucky material you may expect to see from the typical published author, but it is what it is and we will all have to live with it. As for some of the tacky writing; I apologize but just remember much of it was taken from unfinished material in the first place.

Thanks for dropping by.

March 28th 2009: The wall Street journal had a column on page A-9 titled:
Google's Book Settlement Is a Ripoff for Authors
What I get from it is that Google wanted to scan books, put them on PDF and use the material for their own profits. This sparked a class action suit and it equalled to a $30 million settlement to a few class action lawyers who we wonder who gave them the job to sue for us authors. Just a word to the wise, if Google approaches you for anything, just sign "ignore."
      Yes, it's a bad deal folks. Google has put together a thing called Book Rights Registry and sunk $35 million into it and its purpose is just to screw you out of your copyrights for only $60 a title.

February 16th 2009: It looks as though the publishing industry will publish just about anything that can find a spot in the news coverage within the media.
Even if it's Alec Greven, a 9 year old kid handing out advice on relationships.

I have to hand it to him because I can understand where the kid's views come from, because there have been times in my life where the kids in the neighbourhood had things thought through better than the adults.
 For a link to
Newsbeat @ BBC.comon Alec

Nov.29, 2007: I'm thinking of changing the title of Burning Down the House to:

Assassination of Character
The life and times of a modern day inventor

Reason being is that I realize that most of the material in my book is about how one's creditability and reputation is attacked. How "they" have attacked me with phoney rumours just to ruin my chanced at succeeding at any thing.


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