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Keep the Truck on the Road

This Club is established for the fans that want to help keep "The World's Greatest Work Truck" on the road. The literature is a way of giving something back to the fan member for their contributions to the cause. Some of the reasons for having such a club are the goals of keeping the truck on the road and getting the patent laws changed back to the way they were before Affirmative Action and Mr. Clinton came along. We must consider the fan club as a movement for a better human race.

The fan club is a fun way to distribute the literature I crank out. To be an active member of the KTR club there are a few simple requirements. You simply have to own at least one of my signed and numbered books; abide by a few rules; and honor a few pledges.

We're going to start with a pledge to do something nice for some other person at least once every week. That's by going out of our way or donating a little bit of our time to help out someone in need.

A couple rules we have is that you must not steal anything from anyone or anyplace and that we must always try to put in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. We must pledge to call a senator, congressperson, or news reporter at least every week or two and say: What about Sunnyside? Where is my truck? I know I paid for it. I want it now…

If you don't fallow the rules, Yahget 86'd out of the club. Other than that, it's not going to be too hard to stay in the club. All you have to do is be a good person and a contributor to the human race.

                  God bless,



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