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Stupid Rules

70.   It's no Holiday Picnic.
75.   Tomorrow: A favorite word for a pansy ass.
         Procrastination Sucks
77.    Don't try this at home folks.
78.    Don't get mad. Just get even.
(Not God's way of doing things,
              only in good fun.)

80.    F___ yourself in the ____ too much, don't be
         surprised if you happen to be needing
82.    Sh_t happens
84.    Rob Peter to pay Paul.
85.    With friends like that, who needs enemies?
86.    A place called, Outta Here Road;
         Eighty Six the guy.
         Get out of my face!
87.    Keep your mouth shut!

          You may create rumors you may not want to hear.
88.    The Cat that knows its Sh_t,
          can Smell it Coming.
98.    We're getting to the end of the line here.
99.    If you can't stand the heat, get out of the
100.   Lets not go there. Enough is enough

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