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From Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Passing through Santa Barbara again

When I arrived in Santa Barbara this time it was under different circumstances. This time I had more than a partial tank of fuel and food from the Catholic Church Food bank in Ventura for survival.
       I couldn’t get over at how beautiful the skies looked. The skies and the ocean seemed to look bluer than anywhere else on the coast. Other than it being an older town that wasn’t de-signed for so many vehicles -- it’s a nice place – I can see why people pay more to live there.
       What blew me away was how much different the weather was compared to Half Moon Bay. There were college students playing volleyball on the beach in their bathing suits.
       I couldn’t help but notice that there is a reasonable amount of publishers and printers in the area and I considered it a good thing because it’s possible to avoid the mail hand carry my books to publishers since I’d be in the area.
       I checked out the possibility of landing a spot in a trailer court, but as I expected there was a waiting list for the only two in the area. I checked out a couple more outside of town, but found that one in Carpentria was full and the other was too far out of town.

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