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Taken from Sunnyside, the book of Good Things

I Can Relate

The movie Phenomenon was an exhilarating experience for me. It was something I could relate to as in my own life experience.

     People find it easier to harass or persecute a person than to grasp onto what he has to offer. George didn't want anything from anybody, he just wanted help others. The government kept the very scientist that he was seeking help from, away from him. Surgeons would rather see George dead on the table, over letting him help others in his own way. People related to him as some kind of a freak which in turn made him even more isolated. As a result he just wanted to get his normal life back, forever how long it was going to be.

    People can be so thoughtless; as George's doctor points out to the brain surgeon, you have one hand grasped to technology and the other grasped on science, and you don't have anything left to grasp the human spirit with.

    I can relate to the scene in the bar when the guys were harassing him about how often he came up with his ideas. George said, "All the time. Look here; give this to Emaly, your friend who delivers the mail. If she changed her route around, she would have all the mail delivered by three o'clock. Here look at this, you could change the lines in your parking lot and handle six more cars and there would be less chance of people backing into other parked cars. And here," -- he hands the bartender another piece of paper, "This maybe the greatest way of storing solar energy." The bartender said, "What am I suppose to do with this?" George said, "You tell me! -- I shouldn't have been the one to have had something like this happen to them. I'm not smart enough to know what to do with this knowledge."

As I have had these kinds of experiences in my own life and I can relate to how he must have felt when he came home and found that the government had gone into his house and took all of his stuff. I am sure George would’ve been glad to have given them a tour and explained his projects, but the assholes weren't even polite enough to ask.

    In my case I don't even know who they are. Are they the local government, the F.B.I., or has is it been private industry? It is a conspiracy for sure. I'm sure there are groups of people trying to help me just as there is a group working against me. With the power of God at hand, I know that righteousness will prevail. The question is when is this corruption going to end? It would be best for mankind if they would let me get on with my life instead of suppressing me as they are. It amazes me that they can even rationalize things as they do. It makes me wonder if they are just hoping I end up dead for one thing or another. It's my guess they don't want to tell anyone about me until it's too late and then they will say, "Well we have to tell you about the will the inventor made up." I'm pretty sure they've planed to blame the misfortune on me by the way my will has been made up. They'll probably focus on me as a bad guy as an effort to cover up the fact that they have watched me move around for years on end with an active will stating such and never even tried to eradicate the problem while it is solvable.

I can see why George wanted to seek out help for his ideas and more knowledge of how to do things with them. Unfortunately the society we live in is becoming designed to kick a person when he is down and to keep him there -- and if he isn't down – get him there because we don't want him to make us look bad. I feel the spirit we should have is to do the best we can to help everybody make the most out of themselves. We should help them achieve their full potential. We should set a goal to help other for the betterment of mankind. We should over look minor faults and pay attention to the blessings of each other. People like myself would like the opportunity to improve other people's lives as well as our own.

    One of the closing scenes at the end of the movie was when the guys in the local bar were talking to George's doctor. One guy said, "George changed".  The doctor said, "You're wrong, George didn't change a bit."



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