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The Last Real Newspaper

It's up to the public and the media to make things happen. A scary part about it is the last time we had an honest media was back in the 1930-40s'. One of the first black newspapers was owned by a guy in the north who became the country's first black millionaire.
     As you can imagine, the black newspapers had their problems. Soon after he started his newspaper he had to have the papers smuggled into the southern states by hiding the bundles in the sleeper cars on trains. During World War II, the president was going to shut them down because the black man's papers were covering how the black troops were being treated in the war. He went to the white house and worked out a plea bargain with the attorney general and the agreement was that he would water down the coverage and kept in more on the American Dream theme.  
   When the black news papers started to get advertisers, the news began to get watered down even more. Between the government and the advertisers, eventually the papers became censured. The thing we can learn from this is that: In the US of A, freedom of speech doesn't mean too much if you're stuck standing on a milk crate yelling out your opinion. Believe me; they will put people in the crowd to say you're crazy. And if you are successful in creating a crowd, don't be surprises if they haul you off to a funnyfarm for creating a commotion.
    From what I've learned, the media is controlled by the advertising industry, so it's up to the public to make things happen.

The fact is; the armed forces have trouble recruiting people now days only suggests people don't trust the government like they have in the past. Many people think or at least say they can't do anything about the corruption in the US.

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