Sunnyside's Lousy Book

Condensed Version

At 43,000 words, this 92 page booklet is for those who don't find time to read as much as they'd like to. Its for those who want to learn what happened to the work truck of the future and how it was done.

Readers of this mighty booklet say it's a good read but they are often left with a few unanswered questions. The booklet is only geared to inform how the acts of corruption are performed and the learning process that is involved through story telling of my experience tend to be cut short a few places and it's the very reason this booklet will only be offer for a shot time

The shortened version of the book is somewhat detrimental to the story that needs to be told because Sunnyside's Lousy Book was only in existence to inform people about how the dirty deeds are performed because of the change of the patent laws were changed.

It informs future inventors to how "they" get into a safe deposit boxes and how inventors can become isolated. The Lousy Book covers the experiences I had with my phone being rigged, and my mail had been open at times too. It's also about how "they" have controlled people around me

Its pretty heavy if you ask me.....


It's more than a work truck at stake  
What about the truck                              
The part about the fire                          
Rule Number Eight                               
Making the Legacies of Crooks                   
Closed Minded?                                
Is my stuff safe here?                              
Keep your mouth shut Sattler                
Smells Funny                                        
How I wish I had made this one up                  
The Book                                            
The Will                                            
The Lousy Book                                  
Did I Count Fifteen Ciggy Butts or
was it Sixteen?
The Shower Hose Trick                  
Nah – not safe at Wells Fargo either           
Numbers for those Dummies                   
Setting it Straight                                    
A Numbers Game                                  
The Part -- You May Not Like                    
Bottom line                                     
Pain in the you know where                     
BS Plan                                         
Seeker of Political Asylum                        
Later Kinda Thing                                   
Stupid Rules  


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Lousy Book

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