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Book History

I began writing my books seriously about 1997. My main book started out as a multiple page news letter. After there was 35 pages, it was too expensive for me to hand out. Then I opted for floppy disks because of the ability to hand out 75 - 135 pages at little expense. Those disks went everywhere, but I knew that enforcing an ownership of copyrighted material wasn't very enforceable when in digital format. Therefore I began printing books. The first edition was 168 pages and the book has gone through a rewrite almost every year since. However I have to say that since I've built the web-sites, the rewrites have pretty much come to a halt, but I have been updating the final portions of the book within the past couple years.

It started out as Sunnyside's Lousy Book, but as the book grew over 300 pages, I needed a smaller version to sell out on the street. So I came up with the Tightwad edition. Eventually I changed the name of Sunnyside's Lousy Book to Burning Down the House.

Therefore I replaced the name of Tightwad with the original name of the main book, Sunnyside's Lousy Book. Then there was the even smaller 16 page addition titled, "What Happened," long but I discontinued it after about 175 sold because Lousy Book was the one that would sell when I offered them both. And I was wondering if it was steeling dollars that I could've made on a Lousy Books.

There were times I felt that the condensed version were a bit detrimental to the whole story because the booklets were only geared to inform how the acts of corruption are performed and not necessary the learning process that is involved over time. A person needs the story telling of my experience on how I gained the knowledge of such information. As a result of the lack of story telling in the smaller condensed versions, there were times I'd hear back from my readers saying that it was a good read, but there would also be times when they would just become confused about some of the things I've also been told not to even sell the 52 page any more and go with the 92 page instead.

And I realize that the Lousy Book may have been stealing money from Burning Down the House.

Though people say it's a good and interesting read, I have realized the Lousy Book could be detrimental to the story being as believable as it should be. It's just too hard to cut portions down in size and still cover all bases. Therefore the full size edition seems to be the way to go. Its a delight to be able to talk to anyone who read them though. I never have to start at ground zero with the standard questions and never getting a chance to explain every thing. Its really out there don't think it will do you any good to skim through it. The readers who just read portions of it come up with some real crazy ideas.

In the full sized edition Burning Down the House, you'll learn things over time, just as I did and it's just a matter of putting two and two together. Kinna like James Rockford did in the television series about how a private investigator pieced things together.

As for the books: Print on demand so you can be sure you are getting the latest edition. There isn't going to be any four color covers for a while, but I can assure you that they are on my list of things to do.

However, the covers are made out of thick 120 card stock that have a laminated plastic finish on the outside of each cover. It's safe to set your coffee on it. 
       The combining may seem a little funky at first, but people say they like them because they lay open so nice.

The Lousy Books: they are just stapled with a 60-70 weight card stock cover that has been sealed with a spray clear finish to help keep them clean. And they are just stapled.

The type set as any other book but set with around 70 characters per line and so that it is an efficient page lay out and also easy to read.

It still feels kinna funny signing my books, but if you would like me to sign your book for you, just drop me an E-mail when you buy one and I'll be happy to sign it for you.

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Present Day Journal

January 28th, 2012:
Announced the return of the original name to Sunnyside's Lousy Book. Only 20 books were printed as Burning Down the House. Numbers 80 thru 100 . Condensed version stays subtitled as so.


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Burning Down the House


Lousy Book



originated as:
Good Things
a 16 page supplement to the
original Lousy Book.

It was a selected group of journal entries covering different topics. I kind of smoothed them out a bit and it was something for me to work on between the 7 or 8 rewrites my main book has had over the years.



   Stalking Buffy

Stalking Buffy is a result of what I thought was a publicity stunt performed by a publicist in Hollywood and myself hoping on the band wagon in an effort to create a little publicity for myself as well. It's a bunch of journal type love letters and a few Buffy and Angle Scripts. I tried to expand my writing talent on them, but believe me when I say that I'm not a very good script writer because I don't feel I posses the creativity it takes for writing fiction. It was never created to become a book but the collection of documents complied to enough to produce 160 page book consisting of over 50,000 words. I don't see why someone would want such a thing unless you were into script writing and the creativity of Joss Wheton. However there are some things that Buffy fans may want to read. When I discovered that I had received a criminal record as a result of the literature that was never intended to leave my computer, I realized I indeed caught the culprit who put a transmitter inside my computer and I began typesetting to see what I had.


Another thing:
I've always supplied a serial number to each book and kept a log on each print run because I knew a long time ago that it was the only way to safe guard the authenticity of my books.


What people are saying

January 3rd, 2011: gee Amazon actually sold the first digital addition of my book today.
Wow, finally someone made some money off me in the proper way.


Something fishy with Amazon
May 6th, 2016:
Some things just don't add up....
       You up load your book in digital form to Amazon.
       Your Tax information and Bank information.
       Looking through my junk, I found a 1099 form they sent me for 2011, it said I made $13.74 in Royalties.
       Then tell me how come five years later the account says I did not sell one book?
       What's up with that?

And if I learned anything this week:
You can be sure you would have to be crazy if you think you should upload your book to Amazon.
       If you think they are going to make you rich, you've got to be pretty damn stupid.
       And if you think you can trust Amazon to actually pay you the profits made off your digitalized book, you are flat out dumber then stupid.



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