Good Things

Helpful Hints
Lessons in Common Sense

Good things to Know

Be a practical engineer;
I thought I had a few,
Good Things to Know

I consider myself a practical engineer and one who
has a decent grasp on common sense.

Since we all need to be a handy person at times,
I wrote this book containing a few
Helpful Hints

I have always said, “common sense is the most valuable commodity’ so... .
I put together some
Lessons in Common Sense

In this book are:

Ways to simulate your creativity

Interesting theories

Book & Movie reviews

Help with putting the words on paper

Avoid many misconceptions with:

Basics of Patent Laws

It's kind of silly we need, Stupid Rules,

but….I've included some just because they're fun.


-- Sunnyside



1.  Creativity                                    
     Hints for Better Creativity                       
 2. What Amazes Me                            
     Spin Cycle                                  
     God’s Creation                              
     I Can Relate                                    
     Rescue Man                                  
 4. Think about Rule Number 16              
 5. Road Rage                                   
     Small Gas Engines                           
     Rev it -- why don’t you                     
     Diesel or Gas?                              
     Trains & Buses                              
 6. Gun Safety                                  
 7. So you Wanna  Bee an Inventor           
 8. Poop                                            
     What about the Book?                        
     Both sides of the picture                   
     The Last Real Newspaper                     
     In the Bush with no TP                      
     War – what is it good for?                  
     The Flag                                        
 9. A bite out of homeowners’ insurance     
      When raising the beast                      
10. Heath and Environment                   
      By the Way                                  
      How Dare Them                               
      Grow Organic                                
      The Dangers of Cell Phones              
      What’s Up Doc?                              
      Carpel Tunnel Syndrome or Arthritis?    
      Hard One to Place                           
      Reading: Food for the Brain                 
      My Take on Books                            
      On Language                                 
      Putting Words Together                  
11. Show Biz                                        
      Going to the Movies                         
       Shit they put on TV                         
       Media’s Shit                                    
12. Building Blocks                             
       Paint Bucket                                    
13. Fashion                                     
14. Mixed Bag                                   
15. Later Kinna Thing                           
      Appendix – Stupid rules     



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Good Things

Excerpts from
Good things

If you want to know about a lot of things; like in Hollywood, script writing, making movies and such. This book supply some knowledge of how the industry truly works.

I've read books by lawyers in the entertainment and publishing industries.
Books by agents, publishers, producers, script writers and I think I do have a grasp how things work in those industries. Much of that knowledge is printed in the pages of

This book was created long before the MyStupidRules web-site existed. When it came to finding content for the web-site, it wasn't difficult to come up with the Helpful Hints stuff. But since I robbed the book of so much material, there doesn't to enough material left to sell it as a book any more. Just think of the books that I sell and what they will be worth someday.

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