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Good Things

Helpful Hints
Lessons in Common Sense
Good things to Know

So you want to be an inventor

Diesel or Gas
Rescue Man
Putting Words Together

Reading, Food for the Brain
Think About Rule Number 16

God's Creation

I Can Relate
Both Sides of the Picture

What Amazes Me
The Last Real Newspaper

My Gun Safety Bit

_Sunnyside's Lousy Book_

The Full Length Version

More book excerpts can be found just by hovering over chapter titles listed in the table of contents
on the book's main web-page.

Burning Down the House
Did they do a switch ah-rue?
Is My Stuff Safe Here?

Stupid Rule No. 77

What Light Pole?

Making the Legacies out of Crooks
So I Wanna Be    
Happy Holidays    
The Rumor      
Have you ever thought of killing yourself?
Malibu goes to the funny farm

_Sunnyside's Lousy Book_

Condensed Version

It's recommended that you read excerpts in the order they are listed,
otherwise you may find yourself a bit confused.

About the Truck
It's More than a Work Truck at Stake
The Part about the fire

Stupid Rule No.8

Setting it Straight
Numbers for those Dummies
A Numbers Game
BS Plan

_Stalking Buffy_

Sorry no Book Excerpts available - yet.

What people are saying about the book

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